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Name : Kevin Nalts
Date of Birth : May 12th, 1969
Education : Georgetown, Babson MBA
Company :  By day he consults really big and small companies. By night he’s a prolific creator of short online videos.
Location : Pennsylvania

Kevin "Nalts" Nalty is the only career marketer who is one of YouTube's most-viewed personalities. His more than 800 online videos have been viewed on online-video sites more than 160 million times, and include the popular “Farting in Public.” He and his online videos have won numerous awards, and have appeared on CNN, ABC, BBC, Fox and CBS News.

Prior to starting Nalts Consulting, he was a Product Director at Merck and held various emerging-media roles at Johnson & Johnson and KPMG Consulting. He currently helps companies develop online-video and social media strategies, then help them engage with customers via low-risk and high impact programs. Nalty is frequently seen in the media and at conferences, speaking about the implications of video to corporations and brands. He consults with brands about online-video marketing, has created dozens of sponsored videos for such companies as MTV, Microsoft, Holiday Inn, Logitech, Mentos, Crowne Plaza and numerous Fox television shows (from Fringe to Glee).

In 2010 the genius of Nalty published, Beyond Viral with John Wiley & Sons, Inc., and he continues to writes about the convergence of marketing and online video at Will Video For Food.